Balance Facial aesthetic harmony

Balance Facial aesthetic harmony

Aesthetics is the harmonious Fusion between beauty and  art

Aesthetics in dentistry is a balance between the teeth, the soft tissues, the lips. the face and individual personality. In order to produce aesthetic results that are natural and attractive, we need to develop our artistic capability so that we can all improve our comprehension of the psychology of perception.

Many of us, Dentist and Dental Technician alike, are very good with biological and aesthetic results when our work is analysed solely in the oral region. However when we evaluate the all face, the results may be far from natural and attractive in many cases.

Learning Objectives:

Delegates will learn to develop their artistic capability to evaluate the tensions and the balance between the teeth and the patient’s overall facial appearance.

The aim is to enable delegates to visualise the whole face rather than just the teeth.

Delegates will gain the knowledge to understand the psychology of perception and to transfer this information to their daily practice to achieve aesthetic harmony, relieving tension between the smile and the face.

Delegates will gain the ability to see what is right or wrong with a smile, what is harmonious and what in tension. This will allow a better understanding of patient’s needs and this in turn will allow minor, subtle changes to made that make a big difference.

This creativity will be helpful not only on a working level but even on the private one using new thinking process and the brain in its full integrity.


  • Members ESCD: 250 Euro
  • Members ANDI, AIO, SNO-CNA, Cenacoli: 300 Euro
  • Members IFED: 300 Euro
  • Students: 100 Euro
  • Not members: 350 Euro